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Check Out The Coolest Pictures Ever

22 Apr

There’s a brilliant up and coming photographer who takes the coolest pictures ever.

His name is Jacob J. Scheiner, and he happens to be my brother.

If you like looking at pretty pictures (and who doesn’t?), then you must check out his awesome photo blog at http://themomentthatwas.tumblr.com. It’s full of pictures of his travels, near and far, and interspersed throughout with meaningful quotes.

Sample pics:

pretty pic

Source: themomentthatwas.tumblr.com

bar harbor acadia national park main

Source: themomentthatwas.tumblr.com

italy venice gondola pic

Source: themomenthatwas.tumblr.com

chain link fence train tracks

Source: themomentthatwas.tumblr.com

Check out the blog for more awesomeness. Follow it, pin it, comment, and share it.

It’s that cool.

What Would You Title This Blog?

3 Apr
The eponymous Fellowship from left to right: (...

Image via Wikipedia

I was very eager to start this blog.

I’d just finished a Lord of the Rings marathon; I read all the books and then watched each movie (twice).

So you can imagine my mind was a bit preoccupied with LOTR at the time. I needed a blog title, and “I Know What Hunts You” is – you guessed it – a Lord of the Rings reference.

Specifically when Aragorn asks Frodo if he’s frightened – Frodo replies, “Yes,” to which Aragorn says, “Not nearly frightened enough. I know what hunts you.”

Bah dah dah dum.

It might have been a good title for a blog post, but it wasn’t the smartest choice for my blog name and URL, which is not as easily changeable.

Still, I’m seriously considering changing my blog name, maybe relocating my blog, and I’d like your help! If you have any ideas for a blog name that fits the scope of my blog, please let me know. Nothing’s too silly or obvious, so leave your thoughts in the comments, or contact me directly.

If I end up using your idea, you’ll get a special mention!!

Introducing Me to You(Tube)

11 Jan

For a long time, I had the same view of YouTube that I used to have of blogging

Like blogging, I’ve come to realize that I don’t care that I’ll be joining the masses (in this case, masses of people-armed-with-cameras).

Blogging has been amazing, and the little experience I’ve had of YouTube so far has been as thrilling as those first weeks of blogging were.

And so, without further ado, I give you my first YouTube video.

I’m open to feedback, don’t tear me apart too much, and enjoy 😉

Check Out This Cool Blog

16 Nov

Headturner BoutiqueDo you like fashion, makeup, reality TV, and other fun stuff? Then you might want to check out this cool blog by Devorah.

You can trust that I’m being totally unbiased here, because it’s not like the blogger is my sister or like she dedicated her first ever post to yours truly.

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Are You a Fan of “24”?

2 Nov

I’m new to blogging correctly but I’m not new to blogging.

When I was in college I took a Mass Media class where I was assigned a show to watch (mine was 24) and keep a blog about. Isn’t college great?

24 the show

Anyway, my first attempt at blogging was really cute. There’s no other way to describe it.

Actually, there is this: it was hideous. Content aside, the design was bad, I didn’t use categories, didn’t use tags, didn’t use images…you get the idea.

I had no idea what blogging was really about.

I’ve learned a lot about blogging since then. So I went back and cleaned it up a bit so I could present it to you.

The blog is called glued2thetube (still love the title) and the content is pretty great (if I do say so myself). It’s mostly a play-by-play of the first season of 24. If you’re a fan or a first-time watcher, check it out here.

Beware: It’s chock-full of season one spoilers.

I’d love to hear comments (again, here or there). Enjoy!

From Lurker to Contributer

11 Oct

For most of my internet life, I’ve been a lurker. That makes me sound like some forty year old deadbeat perv.

Which I’m not.

I just rarely contributed anything to cyberspace.

I found answers I needed on relevant forums, browsed people’s blogs that I liked, and just plain surfed the web.

I didn’t leave comments (surely, someone else would have the same thought as me and leave a comment), didn’t have twitter (seriously, who needs to know that I just missed my bus?), and didn’t even think of starting a blog (completely unique, like every other kitschy blog out there).

But then I realized that I don’t care if my blog joins the million (or is it billion?) other blogs floating in cyberspace.

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