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Newsies on Broadway – Better Than the Movie?

21 May

When you love something as much as I love the 1992 movie, Newsies, you don’t want a single, minute detail changed.

So naturally I was apprehensive for the Broadway adaptation.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to see it or not (would I hate it? Love it? Hate that I loved it?). In the end, I entered my name in the Newsies ticket lottery and let the outcome decide.

I won. So I saw it.

Original Concerns

When I heard all the theatre buzz, my two main concerns were Jack’s transformation from cowboy to artist, and the reporter who’d followed the strike being a woman instead of a guy.

Actually sitting through the show, those weren’t the issues I had at all.

Although, if you’re going to make Jack an artist (a change which I don’t think was necessary, by the way), why make one of Pulitzer’s lines be:

“Time’s running out kid, so what do you say/Cowboy or convict, I win either way.”

Cowboy or convict.

Cowboy or convict.


I gotta say kudos to Jeremy Jordan (pictured below) for playing such a great Jack. He’s charismatic, cheeky, a natural leader, and quite sympathetic. As a huge fan of Christian Bale in this movie, I think Jeremy stepped into the role very well.

Jeremy Jordan Jack Kelly

My friend and me with Jeremy Jordan aka Jack Kelly 🙂

The same can’t be said for Ben Fankhauser, playing David. I’d never even stopped Continue reading

The Hunt

10 Oct
Bahbahbah BUM

I can hear the drums beat

Bahbahbah BUM

As my pulse keeps time

Bahbahbah BUM

I stalk my prey

Bahbahbah BUM

Weapon in hand


I crouch


Tilt my head


I raise my hand


I strike


The mosquito falls – Dead

~Aliza Scheiner

Newsies: The Stage Version…………………… aka Jack as an Artist?!

15 Sep

This post is largely a response to this Entertainment Weekly article.

Heads up: This is likely to turn into a rant.

I was first introduced to Newsies when I received the DVD for my fourteenth birthday. I’ve seen it dozens of times since, have audio clips of it on my ipod, and probably know most of it by heart. I kind of like it. A lot.

I love the time period. I love newsboys. Love the costumes. Love the singing and dancing. Love the actors. Love the characters. Love Christian Bale in it. Love Jack Kelly.

So imagine my elation when I heard that Newsies was finding its way to the stage. The cult-fave was getting another chance in the limelight.

Now imagine my horror when I found out about the changes that were being made to it.

Especially the changes surrounding Jack. Continue reading