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The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

28 Mar


Lea half walked, half ran to the corner. The end result was reminiscent of a limping gazelle. She didn’t want to flat out run – she just wanted to make sure that she’d get to the bus stop before the bus.

The trouble was, of course, that the bus stop was across the avenue. If the light turned green, Lea might be forced to watch the bus pull up as cars and trucks and other buses separated her from it. That was the worst. Because not only would she have missed her bus, she’d have been there as she missed it, and she would have looked like an idiot missing it because of her limping gazelle impression.

 As it turned out, luck was on her side. The pedestrian walk sign was a steady white. Lea steadied her gait. She played with the metro card in her hand as she studied the people at the bus stop. Three. That was good. The bus hadn’t just left.


The plus side to public transportation is the free entertainment you get along the way. Even just waiting for the bus, there’s interesting stuff going on. Like the girl making a beeline for the bus stop – looks like she can’t make up her mind whether she Continue reading

A Reprieve

26 Nov

The lounge is dim; it’s day out, but entering the room is like walking into night.

It takes a moment for his eyes to adjust. He’d thought the place would be empty at this hour, surely other people had jobs and lives. But no, apparently they didn’t. Most of the chairs, booths, and couches are occupied.

The music plays, loud enough for it to push any thoughts from his head.

He walks up to the counter, hitches his backpack higher up his shoulder. There are two girls ahead of him. He looks around, trying to find an empty spot to sit. If only there were fewer people.

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