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Check Out The Coolest Pictures Ever

22 Apr

There’s a brilliant up and coming photographer who takes the coolest pictures ever.

His name is Jacob J. Scheiner, and he happens to be my brother.

If you like looking at pretty pictures (and who doesn’t?), then you must check out his awesome photo blog at http://themomentthatwas.tumblr.com. It’s full of pictures of his travels, near and far, and interspersed throughout with meaningful quotes.

Sample pics:

pretty pic

Source: themomentthatwas.tumblr.com

bar harbor acadia national park main

Source: themomentthatwas.tumblr.com

italy venice gondola pic

Source: themomenthatwas.tumblr.com

chain link fence train tracks

Source: themomentthatwas.tumblr.com

Check out the blog for more awesomeness. Follow it, pin it, comment, and share it.

It’s that cool.

Dear Sir

22 Nov

Dear Sir,

It’s okay when you catcall as I walk by. It’s not the way I’d want anyone I know personally to act, but you’re a stranger. You’re not going to be anything in my life other than the guy who whistled at me. I usually don’t acknowledge you, but I’m not deaf. And sometimes I appreciate it.

But sometimes you go too far. Continue reading