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From Lurker to Contributer

11 Oct

For most of my internet life, I’ve been a lurker. That makes me sound like some forty year old deadbeat perv.

Which I’m not.

I just rarely contributed anything to cyberspace.

I found answers I needed on relevant forums, browsed people’s blogs that I liked, and just plain surfed the web.

I didn’t leave comments (surely, someone else would have the same thought as me and leave a comment), didn’t have twitter (seriously, who needs to know that I just missed my bus?), and didn’t even think of starting a blog (completely unique, like every other kitschy blog out there).

But then I realized that I don’t care if my blog joins the million (or is it billion?) other blogs floating in cyberspace.

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12 Sep

Because it left a deep impression on me after I watched it.

Because after I watched it, I rewatched it.

Because it’s bizarre. Suspenseful. And true.