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Can You Choose the Genre of Your Life?

27 Oct

I met a guy the other day. Let’s call him Ben.

We got to talking and he told me a bit about himself:

He’s 23 years old. When he was 19, he started dating a girl, she was 17 at the time – a month into the relationship, her father found out and made them get married. After the wedding, the girl totally changed, she made Ben’s life hell, and after three years and a kid, they got divorced.

It’s been a year since the divorce. He wants to be an engineer, but that isn’t a realistic option for him right now. Instead, he’s stuck in a dead-end job.

His ex still has it out for him. He has a kid to take care of. Wonderful kid, but still. Ben’s in a pretty crummy situation. He’s just starting his life and he’s got all this baggage.

But you know the funny thing? You’d never know it by looking at him. And it’s even harder to believe after talking with him.

Source: Krzysztof Poltorak via fotocommunity

He’s happy. He’s at peace. Not in the least bit cynical. He still believes in the beauty of marriage, and would love to get married again one day.

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What Genre do YOU Live In?

3 Oct

In the Dead of Night: Take I

It was late. Around three in the morning. She should have gone to bed hours ago. Instead, Dara had stayed up watching – The Shining, of all movies.

Bad move.

Home alone, in the dead of night, one should not be watching horror films. The house was dark and creaked as it settled in the nighttime. She chided herself for being spooked. She wasn’t a child anymore; there was no reason to be afraid of shadows or weird noises. She’d made sure the house was locked up tight. And the boogeyman was not hiding in her closet.

To prove to herself that she had nothing to fear, Dara didn’t bother to turn on the lights when she reached her bedroom. Habit and the faint glow of the streetlight that seeped into the room guided her. She slipped into pajamas and turned to check the windows one more time.

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