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Escape From Camp 14

13 Jun

A boy is born in prison, to parents who were awarded each other for good behavior.

The boy is considered a traitor, his blood tainted by the sins of his parents’ families. Sins like leaving the country.

His world is one of starvation, where snitching on friends and family is promoted, attempted escapes meet with public killings, and children are beaten to death for offenses as slight as hiding a few kernels of corn.

He is familiar with intense labor and cruel guards.

He doesn’t understand loyalty. He doesn’t know that the world is round.

No, this isn’t the plot of another book set in a dystopian future where the government is evil and goodness has shriveled up to die.

This is now. This is real.

This is the story of Continue reading

Hilarious Harry Potter Parody

17 Oct

Are you a Harry Potter or Glee fan?

If you’re either, you MUST check out A Very Potter Musical.

Before he became famous, Darren Criss (who plays Blaine in Glee), starred as Harry Potter for a college play.

It’s a mash-up of all seven books/movies, made for fans by fans.

Here’s Act I Part I:

Make sure the volume’s turned up high – it may take a few views before you catch all the words – and find the rest on youtube. If you like it, go ahead and watch A Very Potter Sequel!

It’s totally awesome.