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Hilarious Harry Potter Parody

17 Oct

Are you a Harry Potter or Glee fan?

If you’re either, you MUST check out A Very Potter Musical.

Before he became famous, Darren Criss (who plays Blaine in Glee), starred as Harry Potter for a college play.

It’s a mash-up of all seven books/movies, made for fans by fans.

Here’s Act I Part I:

Make sure the volume’s turned up high – it may take a few views before you catch all the words – and find the rest on youtube. If you like it, go ahead and watch A Very Potter Sequel!

It’s totally awesome.

What Genre do YOU Live In?

3 Oct

In the Dead of Night: Take I

It was late. Around three in the morning. She should have gone to bed hours ago. Instead, Dara had stayed up watching – The Shining, of all movies.

Bad move.

Home alone, in the dead of night, one should not be watching horror films. The house was dark and creaked as it settled in the nighttime. She chided herself for being spooked. She wasn’t a child anymore; there was no reason to be afraid of shadows or weird noises. She’d made sure the house was locked up tight. And the boogeyman was not hiding in her closet.

To prove to herself that she had nothing to fear, Dara didn’t bother to turn on the lights when she reached her bedroom. Habit and the faint glow of the streetlight that seeped into the room guided her. She slipped into pajamas and turned to check the windows one more time.

She froze. Continue reading