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Updated VitaminWater Copy!

31 May

Dear Vitaminwater Rep:vitaminwater essential

I’m a huge fan of your “essential” orange-orange vitaminwater. I just can’t get enough of its refreshing, smooth taste. What I have had enough of is the clever copy* on the label. Don’t get me wrong: I love the idea. And I laughed when I first read it. I’m not sure when that was, though, because it was SO LONG AGO. If I have to read one more time about how morning and mourning are only one letter apart…well, probably nothing will happen. But I’ve decided to help you guys along in your updating process. Below please find my suggestion as to the replacement of said paragraph. Continue reading


Shine On!

29 Jan

Jacob with the Shiner shirts

It’s not often that I hear of another person with the last name “Scheiner”; it’s not exactly “Smith.”

I was pleasantly surprised, therefore, to learn that there’s a whole city (as opposed to half a city?) named “Shiner” in Texas.

Plus, there’s an award-winning beer company situated in Shiner, Texas, called Shiner Beers, which makes its beer in Spoetzl Brewery, located right in Shiner.

So now, Continue reading