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The Jump

14 Feb

There’s nothing for it, but to jump.

Peering over the edge, I almost hesitate. It’s a long way down.

Behind me, some of my friends, well, I say friends but…they’re gesturing wildly, their lips are moving but I can’t make out what it is they’re saying.

There’s a silence in my head, a kind of calm that washes over me.

I’ve pictured this so many times.

I’ve been wanting to do it for a while.

I wonder Continue reading

Jack and the Pirate

9 Feb

Jack landed hard on the deck. He lay still, momentarily stunned by the impact.

 A wave of nausea hit him, as he tried to regain the use of his lungs. It was slow going.

He heard her approach. Deliberate steps. Light on her feet, never mind the occasional pitching of the ship.

 He flipped onto his back, the better to breath, and her face now entered his field of vision. She shielded him from the sun and, though it probably wasn’t intentional, Jack was grateful.

 She stood looking down at him for a beat. Then she Continue reading