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The Book Thief

12 Mar

The Book Thief by: Markus Zusak

The Book Thief is a searingly original book, and I say this for three reasons:

The Book ThiefFirstly, the story is told by Death, who makes for a surprisingly compassionate and eloquent narrator. He reveals bits of the future to the reader, and yet, that doesn’t take away any of the novelty or emotion of reading those scenes when they do take place.

Secondly, it’s a Holocaust story told from the perspective of  a young German girl – not exactly a typical viewpoint. 

Lastly, the writing itself is very unique, with asides by Death and imagery that walks off the pages. Here’s an example:


As he looked uncomfortably at the human shape before him, the young man’s voice was scraped out and handed across the dark like it was all that remained of him.

The Book Thief is a wonderfully-written, emotional book that I highly recommend.

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