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Stop, Thief!

6 Nov

Author’s Note: I was feeling uninspired, I really wanted to write something; a story, a scene, anything…but I wasn’t feeling it. Then I got roped into going shopping (normally something I enjoy, but I wasn’t in the mood) and this happened. I apologize if the story sounds ridiculous, but you know what they say, “Reality is stranger than fiction.”

Lori trailed behind her friend, Christine, as they entered the store.

Lori was not in the mood of shopping. She’d planned on a night in – just her, some popcorn, and Johnny Depp. But Christine had called her in a panic. She had a party, but no dress, and would Lori please, pretty please, help her pick one out?

As Christine pulled dresses off the rack, Lori sighed to herself. She was a great friend. The very best.

“What do you think?” Christine asked, holding up a little black number.

Lori surveyed it. “Can’t hurt to try it on.”

“My thoughts exactly.”

They wandered the shop for some time.

“Hey, Christine, take a look at this,” Lori called.

Christine ambled over, both arms laden with dresses. “Pretty,” she said.

Lori reached out to check if it was the right size, but the dress was snatched from her before she could pick it up.

“What the -?”

A young guy was walking away from them, the dress and a purse clutched in his hands, as he threaded his way through the store.

Lori and Christine looked at each other. Lori’s heart beat a bit faster. “You don’t think…”

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