The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

28 Mar


Lea half walked, half ran to the corner. The end result was reminiscent of a limping gazelle. She didn’t want to flat out run – she just wanted to make sure that she’d get to the bus stop before the bus.

The trouble was, of course, that the bus stop was across the avenue. If the light turned green, Lea might be forced to watch the bus pull up as cars and trucks and other buses separated her from it. That was the worst. Because not only would she have missed her bus, she’d have been there as she missed it, and she would have looked like an idiot missing it because of her limping gazelle impression.

 As it turned out, luck was on her side. The pedestrian walk sign was a steady white. Lea steadied her gait. She played with the metro card in her hand as she studied the people at the bus stop. Three. That was good. The bus hadn’t just left.


The plus side to public transportation is the free entertainment you get along the way. Even just waiting for the bus, there’s interesting stuff going on. Like the girl making a beeline for the bus stop – looks like she can’t make up her mind whether she wants to run for it or not.

I can’t help smiling as she crosses the street, though I fiddle around with my phone so she won’t know I’m smiling because of her. I sneak a glance up. She’s cute, too. Wearing some kind of summer dress and leather boots. Now I do smile at her. Ha! She smiles back, and just as quickly looks away. But she’s still smiling.

I’m thinking of going over to her – to say what, I have no idea – when the bus pulls up. I step back to let the people get off the bus, and then stay back to check out the girl, but she doesn’t glance my way again. Guess I won’t approach her then. I get on the bus last, throw my change in the coin thing, throw a nod at the driver, and step on back.


The affront of young kids these days! She’s barely covered up in that flimsy sundress and he’s got his pants so low, it’s a wonder they don’t fall right off! And look at them playing coy with each other, both staring when they think the other isn’t looking….or hoping the other is looking, more like. Where is that damn bus? Hot day like today, they should have more buses out…Gloria would have worn a dress like that….did she have a dress…? Yes, I think, that yellow one, the day she surprised me at work and then we…oh, thank the Lord, the bus is coming…would you look at that? The kid stepped back so I could get on first, maybe they’re not so bad these kids…kind of like how we used to be before we got so old. Well, not Gloria, lovely Gloria, she always hated the thought of getting old…what Gloria wants, Gloria gets…why is the bus making so many stops? Should have waited for the express one, I suppose, should have waited…


It’s always the same, Michelle thought. When I’m late, the bus is early and when I’m early, the bus is late.

She’d waited 20 minutes for the bus to show this morning! When it finally did, she had to wait for the driver to lower the bus for the old man in front of her, then wait for the guy to slowly shuffle on. It’s not as if she had a class to teach. Oh wait, she did.

Settled down in her seat – the one near the back entrance, so she could get off as quickly as possible – Michelle pictured what would happen when she came to class.

Nathan would crack some joke about her being late – again – and his jock friends would smother their laughter in their varsity jackets. She didn’t want to kick Nathan out of class, because she figured that’s exactly what he wanted. No, he’ll have to sit through 45 minutes of trig and, maybe, when class ends, she’ll give him detention.

That decided, Michelle pulled the cord to signal the driver to stop.

2 Responses to “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round”

  1. esrealty March 28, 2012 at 12:23 pm #

    How do you come up with this stuff?

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