TV Show List

28 Sep

Shows I love that are still on air –

Parenthood: This is a family drama that’s warm and funny and always leaves me feeling a little emotionally-drained. In a good way.

Modern Family: This is the sitcom version of Parenthood – more comedy than drama, half as long, and yet there’s a realism to it. Shot documentary-style.

Mad Men: This drama is set in the 1960s. It revolves around an advertising company, its employees, and their families. The fashion is great, affairs are commonplace, and political correctness is non-existent. This isn’t a “feel-good” show by any stretch of the imagination. Yet I keep going back.

How I Met Your Mother: This is a sitcom about five friends living in Manhattan. Funny in its early years, the show has gotten more depth in recent seasons, making it that much better.

Castle: This humorous drama is about a famous author who shadows a female NYPD detective for inspiration. “Will they or won’t they” romance ensues.

Psych: This comedy/drama is about a guy who pretends to have psychic abilities (when he really just has awesome observational skills) and solves crimes for the SBPD. He’s helped by his friend/business partner/sidekick. Bromance alert.

White Collar: This comedy/drama is about a con-man who teams up with an FBI agent to solve white-collar crimes. Bromance alert.
Suits: This is a comedy/drama about a hot shot lawyer who takes a brilliant young man under his wing. Aforementioned young man is not a lawyer. Hot shot lawyer knows this. No ones else does. Not your typical legal show.
Chuck: This action comedy is about an ordinary tech guy who gets government secrets uploaded to his brain. Bring in the CIA and the NSA, add a couple of stereotypical villains and top-secret missions, and you get a great show that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Doctor Who: This is a comedy/drama/adventure/sci fi British family show that may or may not be too scary for children. Aliens are real. Humans are threatened. Time Lord saves the day. Read more about it here.

Merlin: This is a fantasy-adventure British show about the wizard, Merlin. The twist: Merlin and Prince Arthur are both young men. Played by Colin Morgan and Bradley James, they are the only reason to watch seasons 1-3. They’re reason enough. By Season 4, the plot picks up and there starts to be new developments. Bromance alert.

Like these? Check out the shows I like that aren’t on air anymore.

What are your favorite TV shows?

Whadya think?

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